2016-01-11 22:48:42 by GirShinobi

I'm streaming my 30 day art challenge over at
Come on in~

Commissions Available

2015-11-22 23:46:02 by GirShinobi

If anyone is intrested, I'm now taking commissions. All info you need to know you can find through the link below:

Thanks, and happy holidays guys~


2013-08-18 02:16:43 by GirShinobi

I don't even know..what I'm doing.

*New* Project - OC Madnezz

2013-04-10 00:34:55 by GirShinobi

Yeah so I quit that fanart clear reason why..

ANYWAY.................Moving on.

I'm starting a new project called [Just read the damn title].

Basically I will be drawing me OVERLY NEGLECTED Oc's in concept art pieces
Maybe I'll even throw in some of my friends OCs as well........we'll see how it goes down.

I'll stop when I alteast draw them all once.

Hell maybe I'll actually FINISH it..............(I probably won't)

Wish me luck!

- Nobi

Project Time - Nobi's XXX Fanart Streak[Canceled]

2013-03-05 17:19:22 by GirShinobi

Hi, Hope you guys don't find this boring, But I think it's time to announce a project in my head that I had for a while.

- For the next...uhh..(God knows how long) but yeah, I will be doing fanart of some of my favorite women from gaming and
Tv shows...Mostly gaming.

- Why is it a streak you ask?
Because I will do nothing but working on these pictures til I'm done, meaning no commissions, art-trades, personal sketches and other junk.

-Well ok, but what girls are you going to draw?
I have a list actually..
First) Fio Germi from Metal Slug Series
2econd) Filia from Skullgirls
3rd) Makoto from Blazblue
Fourth) Kasumi from Dead Or Alive Series
5th) Marceline from Adventure Time
And last but not least Stocking from Panty & Stocking W/ Garterbelt

-What are you gonna after that..?
Take a loooooooooooong gaming break or draw some cartoon pics..idk.

Side note: After experimenting so much I found the art style I want to go with so I'll be using that during this project
(It's the one with my OC Claire)


Some sad news....

2012-12-16 22:15:02 by GirShinobi's me Gir with some not so happy news..

My laptop that I use to do all my drawing and animating had it's hard drive crash.. all my saved data was purged/deleted...

All WIPS, old artwork, ideas, and current projects are gone and I can't recover them..So..yeah thats that...

And it will take 2 weeks to repair......not only that my current tablet is busted along with the even if I get my computer back I wont have a tablet to draw on...

So I won't be uploading anything til maybe January or later...Sucks because I really only do gaming and drawing and I don't have a console so I have to find something to do until then..

Well that's all I wanted to say..later..


Fanart Request?

2012-10-19 21:08:11 by GirShinobi

Hey, !!!
If you guys have some fanart that you would like to see of popular games, anime, or cartoons that you would want to see turn hentai by me well I am open for suggestions.

Just leave a comment below and I will think about considering it.


Going into training.

2012-08-08 03:14:31 by GirShinobi

Hey guys, I'm here with an announcement.

Recently Iv'e been wondering about my art hobby and where it will be going. Why that if my art is "so good", Why do I feel I know I've recently finished 2 new piece, but something about them and the rest of my art just keeps making me wonder "What am I doing wrong" Why can't I get it right"?. My friends tell me my art is good, but how do I know they aren't patronizing me? Even if they aren't sadly with my mind, good just ain't enough. Just the other day I showed my friend some artist on dA and immediately began to download and fap to their work(not kidding) but when look at mines he said its okay....He even gave me critique when he knows nothing of art. Why can't I be one of those artist? So with hours and days and minutes of thinking It came to me. Train. But not for just a week...No more than that.

2 1/2months...

2 1/2months I will train..What do I hope to get done?

-Master female bodies and anatomy

-Improve my hentai skills (explicit as well)

-Learn advanced poses

-Learn dynamic backgrounds

-Learn advanced male anatomy

-Practice c lothing

-Change my style

Can I get all of that done in such a short time with school on the way? Maybe...maybe not. But I guarantee one thing..when I come back. I will have majorly improved..

For my "fans" that actually care for my you can tell I won't be uploading for a bit. So you'll just have to stay tuned.
My last journal for a while and my OC's will see you in November.