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*New* Project - OC Madnezz

2013-04-10 00:34:55 by GirShinobi

Yeah so I quit that fanart clear reason why..

ANYWAY.................Moving on.

I'm starting a new project called [Just read the damn title].

Basically I will be drawing me OVERLY NEGLECTED Oc's in concept art pieces
Maybe I'll even throw in some of my friends OCs as well........we'll see how it goes down.

I'll stop when I alteast draw them all once.

Hell maybe I'll actually FINISH it..............(I probably won't)

Wish me luck!

- Nobi


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2013-04-11 07:18:02

Good luck!


2013-04-13 15:20:24

Good Luck,bro :3
I wish you to achieve new successes :P